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Children who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioral disturbances as diverse as withdrawal, low self-esteem, nightmares, self-blame and aggression against peers, family members and property.

-Peled, Inat, Jaffe, Peter G & Edleson, Jeffery L. (Eds) Ending the Cycle of


WEWOM is a group of women across the Metropolitan areas that are driven by the good deeds they do. We have all have all endured life challenges and through those challenges become victorious. A true Sistahood we are.  WEWOM is filled with educated women entrepreneurs that give back to local and state businesses.

For  years we as women have struggled with Sistahood.  Statistics say, women can’t be friends or work together. WEWOM breaks those statistics at the link by bridging the gap among women and their children. Many households suffer for lack of a parent, a strong foundation and even financial stability. We all have the tools to success. Our tools boxes come fully supplied. It’s when a situation occurs do we realize all along we had the tools to accomplish our goals but never knew what tools to use because we never needed them before now.


WEWOM  has the Tools for a Better Life! We have used them ourselves and now we want to help you sort out your tool box.